Pillar Five: Strengthening Youth Serving Organizations

06 May 2019 9:43 AM | Anonymous

The Prevention Coalition’s Six Pillars of Prevention is a guiding document that outlines six critical components for the prevention of abuse. Through these Pillars, the Prevention Coalition is hoping to build a dialogue around the creation of a comprehensive policy agenda to benefit children and prevent sexual abuse.

There is no one policy that can combat child sexual abuse and exploitation. As such, the Prevention Coalition chose instead to identify six areas in which policies can have the most impact on prevention. The Six Pillars are:

                    I.            Strengthen Youth Serving Organizations (YSOs) sexual abuse and exploitation prevention capacity,

                  II.            Support the healthy development of children,

                 III.            Promote healthy relationships and sexuality education for children and youth,

                IV.            End the demand for children as sexual commodities,

                  V.            Have sustainable funds for prevention, and

                VI.            Prevent initial perpetration of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Suggested citation: National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation. (2015). Six Pillars for Prevention. Retrieved from www.preventtogether.org 

Over the last ten months, the Prevention Coalition has focused its social media on Pillars II – VI. To cap off the year-long Six Pillars campaign, the Prevention Coalition is concentrating its May-June social media on Strengthening Youth Serving Organizations (YSOs).

In furtherance of Pillar I, the Prevention Coalition advocates for special attention to stronger policies and best practices within YSOs in order to further reduce the potential for someone to perpetrate sexual abuse or exploitation within these organizations. Simultaneously, at the community, state and federal levels, the Prevention Coalition advocates for policies that encourage all types of YSOs (e.g., leisure, camps, schools, sports) to actively institute child sexual abuse and exploitation prevention initiatives that address face-to-face as well as technology-facilitated interactions.

Prevention Coalition member, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is “sponsoring” the Strengthening Youth Serving Organizations Pillar. Thank you to Julie Novak, Vice President of Youth Protection, for her perspective on this important subject. Thank you also to the Prevention Coalition thought leaders who answered the question “What are the three best prevention strategies for youth serving organizations?” The array of answers is fascinating.

The Prevention Coalition encourages its members to use these pillars as a tool to influence the conversation about a comprehensive prevention policy agenda and to expand what is currently considered as relevant prevention policy. The Coalition hopes these pillars are useful to expand the conversation and strategic planning around prevention-related policies in communities across the country.

The views and information provided in materials and products developed for or disseminated by the National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation do not necessarily represent the opinions of the individual members or organizations that make up the Prevention Coalition.

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