Prevention Coalition Launches New Social Media Campaign

15 Jul 2019 10:13 AM | Anonymous

The Prevention Coalition has just completed its year-long social media campaign focusing on each of the Six Pillars of Prevention, a prevention framework developed by the Coalition. For the next six months the Prevention Coalition will focus its social media on prevention strategies suggested by members. If you follow our Twitter feed you will see expert suggestions and comments that are based on Prevention Coalition email threads. Watch for new email questions from the Prevention Coalition in August if you would like to participate.

 If you don’t follow the Prevention Coalition on Twitter (@PreventTogether), be sure to start today. Please also take the time to like and retweet the great content our members have provided. Check out our website and blogs at and our Linked In site at . Some of our favorite tweets for the month of July include:


.@PreventTogether member and prevention expert, Anthony Rizzuto, believes that easy and inexpensive accessibility to information, particularly for youth serving organizations, is critical to preventing the perpetration of abuse. #preventcsa


.@PreventTogether member, Carol Smolenski of ECPAT, points out that addressing demand in the adult sex industry also helps protect children. #preventcsa


Children are not the sum of their behaviors: punitive and one-size-fits-all interventions for youth exhibiting sexual behavior problems are not proven effective. @MakeSocietySafe has 5 things you should know #preventcsa #HealthyKids


.@PreventTogether member, Dr Keith Kaufman, points out that efforts must be made to address the situational risks that allow abuse/exploitation to occur in youth serving orgs. Often these risks go unnoticed or unaddressed. #preventcsa


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