Coalition Members Contribute to Special Issue of the Journal of Interpersonal Violence

16 Sep 2019 10:47 AM | Anonymous

Marcus Erooga, Ph.D. and Prevention Coalition member, Keith Kaufman, Ph.D., have edited a special issue on the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse for the Journal of Interpersonal Violence. This edition includes an article co-authored by Prevention Coalition members, Joan Tabachnick and Jenny Coleman focused on member Stop It Now’s work.

The issue offers insights into a variety of important emerging issues in our field.  According to their introduction: 

This Special Edition brings together innovative research from leading figures in their field of work from the USA, UK and Australia. With its focus on prevention, it is designed to highlight a broad international sample of cutting-edge child sexual abuse prevention thinking, intended to both spur additional prevention research and sharing these creative approaches to preventing sexual abuse.  

The chapters include:  

Table of Contents
Journal of Interpersonal Violence- Volume: 34, Number: 20 (October 2019):

Introduction to Special Issue on Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse:


Recommendations for Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in Youth-Serving Organizations: Implications From an Australian Royal Commission Review of the Literature:


“I Didn’t Know Where To Go”: An Examination of Stop It Now!’s Sexual Abuse Prevention Helpline:

Is Preventive Treatment for Individuals With Sexual Interest in Children Viable in a Discretionary Reporting Context:

“I Could Never Work With Those People . . . ”: Secondary Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse Via a Brief Training for Therapists About Pedophilia:

What Deters Child Sex Offenders? A Comparison Between Completed and Noncompleted Offenses:

Sexual Abuse Prevention Education in Australian Primary Schools: A National Survey of Programs:

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