Our history

Established in 2005

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) formed an advisory group of external and internal constituents on prevention strategic planning following an internal review of its prevention work by NCMEC Board Member Cordelia Anderson in 2005. Quickly the organization saw the added value of an independent Coalition of equal members for information sharing and collaboration. The National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation was established shortly thereafter. 


  • Share an aligned statement of values
  • Hosted a webinar on Countering Normalization of Sexual Harm as well as numerous related presentations drawing attention to the impact of the environment and links between child sexual abuse & exploitation and public health
  • Created multiple Fact Sheets for Prevention examined existing research on the impact of pornography on children and youth, as well as the impact of child sexual abuse and exploitation on children’s health issues.
  • Created a National Summit model that was actualized at the state level to a broad range of policy and industry leaders together with leaders in prevention and related fields. The Minnesota Summit in December 2009 brought together 200 individuals from policy, business, media, and faith along with representation from two Senators, and five MN State Departments to discuss all participants’ roles in prevention and identify actions.
  • Established Six Pillars for Prevention, a document outlining six areas in which policies can have the most impact on prevention.  

"Public policy based on evidence and inspired by innovation can serve as a powerful cornerstone to shifting the individual, cultural, societal, and institutional norms we practice to keep children safe from sexual exploitation. It is our job as advocates for children to think creatively and employ science to bring about the shifts in public policy necessary for the prevention of the sexual exploitation of children." - Alisa Klein, MAIPS, Alisa Klein Consulting

 "As a coalition, we gather to end child sexual abuse and exploitation; to make it unthinkable to hurt a child. Our work is to educate and inspire both public and private entities to be dedicated to this cultural change… one child, one family, one school, one community, one media outlet, one retail empire and one financial institution at a time.” - Linda Johnson, Prevent Child Abuse VT

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