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Prevention Coalition members share knowledge and tools to inform policy strategy and future steps for prevention. We support our members in the field and welcome new voices to the conversation.

Six Pillars for Prevention: Why we need stronger prevention policies

The Six Pillars acknowledges there is no one policy that can combat child sexual abuse and exploitation. Instead we identified six areas in which policies can have the most impact on prevention. The Six Pillars are:

  1. Strengthen Youth Serving Organizations sexual abuse & exploitation prevention capacity
  2. Support the healthy development of children
  3. Promote healthy relationships and sexuality education for children & youth
  4. End the demand for children as sexual commodities
  5. Have sustainable funds for prevention
  6. Prevent initial perpetration of child sexual abuse & exploitation.
National Plan to Prevent the Sexual Abuse & Exploitation of Children

The National Plan provides practical steps that individuals, organizations, businesses and policymakers can implement to promote positive youth development and prevent child sexual abuse and exploitation.

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We identified action steps in several key areas, including: 

  1. Research
  2. Increasing public awareness
  3. Ending the public demand for sexual exploitation
  4. Policies and organizational practices
  5. Collaborative practices
  6. Funding
Keep up to date on what's going on in the field with the Prevention Coalition Monthly eNews!

The monthly eNews offers updates on trends, issues, studies, and work being done in the field of child sexual exploitation prevention.

The eNews is a benefit of membership to the Coalition. 

Prevention Fact Sheets

Read all four of our Prevention Fact Sheets, including: Impact of Media and Technology on Youth (December 2013)

Media and technology are changing the world as we know it.  Our children are drawn to this new way of communicating, interacting and learning. We encourages parents to speak with their children openly about media and technology use and set appropriate limits and safeguards.

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